Thursday, October 16, 2014

Urgency and Dragons

Brothers and sisters, it seems I speak with a sense of urgency tonight about evangelism.  There is absolutely no question as to why we must evangelize. I've addressed this question before, but I'll summarize here:

1.  The Lord commanded us to do so.  Matthew 28:18-20
2.  Jesus claims to be the only way to Heaven.  If. He is the only way and we are His disciples, we should talk about Him in the hopes that more will go to Heaven.   John14:6
3.  People won't be saved without hearing the Good News.  Romans 10:11-15

Lately, on the news, our position in life grows increasingly darker as news of Ebola and global unrest.  Many, as do I, believe the world is coming closer to an end and, as the clock strikes midnight, our urgency increases.  What can we do as Christians?

Share your faith!  Find someone new to talk to and share the Gospel.  I went to a Dungeons and Dragons event where I made 6 new friends and met these new people.  I shared my faith with two, and asI go, I'm sure I'll have more chances.

Where God moves you, things will happen.  You will get new chances to share your faith.  Go quickly out into the world!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Who is God?

Who is God to the typical Christian?

My Inheritance
Strength and Shield

Who is God to you?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Send Me, I'll Go

Sorry for the loooonnnnggg wait and not writing an article on LayVey Satanism... I got so busy with school.  Here's a sermon i preached recently instead (and I'll try to write more)!

Isaiah said this in Isaiah 6:8 when asked by the Lord, 'Whom shall I send?  And who will go for Us?'  "Here am I!! Send me!"  The scariest words one can hear is from the Voice of God.  "Go and pray with that person over there." "Tell that person that what they're doing is wrong and they need to seek forgiveness." "Stay right here."  When the Lord commands us to do something, and we, in faith, obey, the Gospel will be shared.  What if we can't hear Him clearly and we're unsure about whether or not we should share the Gospel?  In many instances, this could be case.  What must a Christian do when they're not sure?  Is it better to wait for God to give more clear instructions or go ahead and do it?  The answer to that question lies in the very foundations of our faith and even begs the question: Why should we evangelize?

Go back and remember that time before you were a Christian.  What was your life like?  I know I had a sense of incompletion..  I knew there was something missing in my life, and I'm sure many of you felt the same way.  The story of Adam and Eve is the epitome of this predicament.  Disobedience caused sin to enter the world but sin sin was not the only thing that entered into the lives of the first man and first woman.  Imperfection cannot stand in the presence of God so the imperfect had to leave the Perfect.  The scariest part of their entire life must have been the realization of their separation from God.  They were no longer one with God as we are one with Christ.  The requirement of sacrifice was then put into place to atone for our sins.  The sacrifice became the sin and you were hence purified from that sin.  If we merely had faith that our sacrifices could save us, we'd be saved, right?

That wasn't quite how that worked.  The idea of sacrifice became so twisted that it became an abomination when Israel sacrificed to God.  What actually saved us was faith in Him but the Israelites became so dependent on the sacrifices they forgot about the relationship with the Lord.  Relying on the sacrifices left that same emptiness I felt and you felt before we were Christians.  A relationship with the Lord was the only fulfillment to that emptiness so long ago and it's the only fulfillment now.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's a God-shaped hole in our hearts that requires filling.. Sorry, I misspoke.  It DEMANDS filling. If the Holy Spirit does not fill up our hearts, everything else will try to take its place, though all to no avail.  All manners of insecurities, lusts, and sins will try to take God's place but nothing can even begin to fill His giant shoes.

And that is how it is for every individual without Christ.  This is the reason why Christ came and died for us.  He became the sacrifice and asked us to put our faith in Him.  We receive that fulfillment when we place our trust in Him.  How is the heathen to know how to have this fulfillment if he's not told where he can receive it?  We, as Christians,must lay ourselves before the lost and helpless and point to where they can receive a cure for the separation from God, a cure to sin:  the foot of that cross 2000 years ago.

Are you yet convinced of evangelism?  Think about it this way: there's either heaven to gain or hell to pay after we die.  Charles Spurgeon once said, "Let the people go to Hell.  But only after we let them leap over our bodies as we plead for them to repent and cry out for God's forgiveness!"  Jesus said this, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one can get to the Father except through ME."  The separation from God is not only physical but also eternal.  Without Christ, there is no heaven for you or I.  Only hell.  Eternal separation in a place with "crying and gnashing of teeth" as Jesus put it.  Every ounce of goodness left in the world leaves you when you walk through the gates of Hell.  If all good is from God and Hell is complete separation from God, how can there be any good in Hell?  There can't be.  All the goodness is stripped away in Hell, just as all the bad is stripped away when we enter into Heaven.  All that's left in Hell are rotting corpses, finally free of any masters, now bent on their own whims, plotting to themselves and letting all sorts of insecurities reign in their minds while still being physically tortured in whatever way they are tortured.  AND THIS IS FOR ALL ETERNITY.  It makes me so thankful He's given us a way out, an escape, and then makes me want to do exactly as Charles Spurgeon had said.  Even when God doesn't explicitly tell you to share the Gospel, there should be a strong aching, a DEMAND, from your soul to see a person saved.  That is how powerful the Gospel is.

Now, you understand the importance of sharing your faith.  A whole other matter is walking up to the unsaved on the street and giving them the way of salvation.  How does one even walk up to a stranger?  With a whole lot of boldness and courage, of which only God can supply.  Except through the Holy Spirit is there any desire at all to share your faith.  Once there is the slightest desire, the desire will only grow exponentially, and once a desire is strong enough, any fear at all in the way will be overcome under the wave of that desire.  Having desire though does not replace the need for you to know what to say.

Where does someone start after working up the courage to start?  There are a few places to start.  My favorite method is going up and asking if the individual need prayer.  A calm, NON-THREATENING thing to do.  Prayer is typically inoffensive to the Joe and Jane on the street.  Numerous times, my friends and I went on what we called prayer walks.  We went about various places praying with people and praying over neighborhoods, praying especially for the Gospel to penetrate the areas and for a general outpouring of love into the areas.  We've come across people who had cried their hearts out before us, talking about their own sins.  We've had one couple get engaged, literally, the moment before we walked up and asked if they needed prayer over anything.  That engagement came with a heartfelt blessing from us that they probably will never forget!  We've come across people who made us cry before, sharing awesome testimonies.  One man prayed with us and by the end, we were all crying our eyes out.  Prayer walks can be intense experiences.

Praying with someone does not necessarily mean you're praying with Christians.  In fact, many people I've prayed with are of various and random religions such as Islam and Mormonism.  I do not pray in any other god's name except Christ, as He had commanded it.  You NEVER pray in another person's name.  Christ is the ONLY mediator between man and God.  In addition, I speak the entirety of the Gospel to the person throughout the length of my prayer.  I have failed my job if they do not know Christ after our meeting.

Another evangelistic method is the survey.  Take an individual through the Law:

"Have you ever lied?"      "Yes"
"What does that make you?"       "A liar"
"Have you ever stolen before?"  "Yes"
"What does that make you?"       "A thief"
"By your own admission, you are a liar and a thief.  You've broken two of the Ten Commandments.  If I were a judge, what would I have to judge you as?"      "Guilty"

Showing that it's impossible to obey the Law fully shows the individual that Christ is needed to save a person from their own sins.  They either become open to this Gospel (and you'll know when a person really is open) or lash out.  Kick the dust off your feet and move on but make sure they know what Christ did.

As previously said, the Gospel demands to be shared, and it is up to us to do so.  As Francis Chan once said, "Simon says, 'Pat your back,' and we pat our backs.  But when Jesus says, 'Go ye therefore,' we just memorize the Scripture."  Obey the Scripture and don't just memorize.  God bless and have a wonderful night :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

What's Been Up With Me!

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't posted a month but God's got me on overtime lately!  Here's a list of what has happened:

1.  I've begun the process of writing a book on youth evangelism.  A basic outline has been made and I will be hedging out the details for the next a year or two before I publish it.  Evangelism and apologetics is what I am devoted to besides Christ and it is my God-given duty to equip whomever I can with the ability to defend our faith in Christ!

2.  God provided me a position at a local campus ministry: Outreach Coordinator!  My goal is to find needs on my campus and find ways to satisfy those needs, while making the name of the group on campus.  If you have ideas for outreach, comment below!  It is greatly appreciated :)

3.  God laid the way for me to be Outreach Coordinator at the local Amnesty International chapter as well!  Amnesty International is devoted to finding human rights issues and fighting for the rights of others!  I am most concerned with poverty.  It breaks my heart to see anyone who doesn't have what they need in life.

4.  I have started a ministry page on Facebook devoted to empowering believers with what they need to go and make disciples with all those around them as well as keeping all the followers up to date on what evangelism things I'm doing and giving ideas for those who need them!  Here is my ministry page:

These next few college years are going to lay the foundation for the work God will have me do in the future.  God'll provide me with what I need, but I need your help as well!  And, no, I'm NOT asking for money. God provides for any money I need directly.  What I am asking you to do is to share my blog posts on all social media links below.  In order to build up a ministry, you must have supporters and people knowing you are there.  I want to build up contacts all over the world so God can open the doors He wants opened and close the doors He wants closed!

This is my appeal for you to share with whoever you can, however you can!  Thank you and God bless :)

P.S. I am in the process of writing for my next blog post!  Here's a hint:  I'll be addressing a sect of atheism and how to minister to them when we come across them in our daily lives!  Remember, guys, keep sharing the Gospel! :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year Revolutions

Woah! What a crazy past couple weeks..  Sorry, guys and gals, for not posting.  I took a break for Christmas and last week, my Internet went kaput.

It's already been a week and a half since the beginning of the year.  A lot of us have resolutions to change for this new year.  I don't.  I am a child of God who has been thoroughly blessed.  What I want to do is different, a revolution.

Every single day this year I will share my faith with someone different every single day.  I call it the 4:13 Challenge, a complete revolution in how I share my faith with others.  So far?  So good!

I have shared with countless people everyday.  Sometimes I walk over to Goodwill and start praying with people God picks out for me.  Sometimes I'll get on Chatroulette and videocall strangers from all over the world and talk with them about Jesus and what He's done with my life.  Sometimes, I'm on Facebook and people start randomly talking to me and the conversation goes to Him and I encourage them to come to or become stronger in their faith.  Sometimes, I'll volunteer at soup kitchens and feed the hungry.

Are you going to pick up the challenge and revolutionize your faith.

Phillipians 4:13 "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cold Hants Warm Heart by Mike

Hey guys! I made a Youtube channel for my rap videos! :D  Didn't know I could rap did ya??